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Our Mission Statement

C.P. Squires is dedicated to every student achieving academic success and developing strong character, in order to become productive members of our diverse community.


Our Namesake


C.P. Squires Elementary School opened its doors in September, 1959.  The buildings included an office, multi-purpose room and ten classrooms.  The School Board named the school in honor of Charles Pemberton Squires (1865-1958).  C.P. Squires was one of the first residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Charles Squires was born in Waterloo, Wisconsin on May 22, 1865.  He grew up in Austin, Minnesota.  Charles graduated from high school and at the age of 18, started teaching in a one room grade school.  In 1887, the Squires family moved to California where Mr. Squires opened a real estate and insurance business. 

In 1903, Mr. Squires became secretary and manager of the Union League Club.  At the club, he learned of a land sale that would be taking place in a little railroad community called Las Vegas.  With a loan obtained by a banker in Los Angeles, Mr. Squires formed the Las Vegas Trading Company.  The company’s interests included a lumber yard, a hotel and the First State Bank.  Mr. Squires set up a 30 room hotel named “Hotel Las Vegas.”  It was built out of canvas to accommodate the buyers for the May 15, 1905 land auction.  At the auction, Mr. Squires and his friends bought the entire block on Fremont between Fourth and Fifth streets where they all built their houses.

Charles Squires became the editor and publisher of the Las Vegas Age newspaper in 1908 and ran the paper for the next 40 years.  Through the newspaper, Mr. Squires urged the establishment of Clark County, which occurred in 1909.  He was instrumental in the building of Hoover Dam.  He used his newspaper as a vehicle to draw attention to the dam.  Charles Squires was named to the first Colorado River Commission from Nevada and helped form policy regarding the dam and water and power contracts.  Through his efforts, Mr. Squires helped Las Vegas grow into the city it is today. 

Charles “Pop” Squires was the unofficial weather observer for the Las Vegas Valley for 50 years.  He set up a weather station behind his offices and kept a daily weather log.  He recorded the highest temperature ever observed on July 26, 1931.

Through his efforts and his love of the city, Charles Pemberton Squires was instrumental in making Las Vegas the city it is today.

C.P. Squires Elementary School is now  61 years old.  Just as Las Vegas has grown, so has Squires Elementary School!  It has expanded from its original three buildings to eight buildings.  There are now 53 classrooms, and a new multi-purpose room. 

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